Obamacare Alternatives PDF Print E-mail

If you've received your notice of non-renewal on your Obamacare plan, or you've received a notice of premium increase that's beyond your ability to pay, there are alternatives to manage your health care costs outside of the Obamacare health exchanges.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month PDF Print E-mail

If you love someone, or owe someone, or if you support someone financially, whether it's a child, grandchild, or even a sibling, parent or grandparent, then life insurance is a fundamental element of a financial plan. Fortunately, unlike everything else these days, life insurance is more affordable today than at any time in history.

Life Insurance - Helping Families Achieve Peace of Mind PDF Print E-mail

Life Insurance can be both affordable and easy to apply for, whether you need $50,000, or $50,000,000.

Life Insurance - No paramed exam! PDF Print E-mail

For the overwhelming majority of Americans, a life insurance physical is no longer necessary when purchasing new coverage.

November is Long Term Care Awareness Month PDF Print E-mail

November is Long Term Care Awareness Month, a time to consider the importance of planning for Long Term Care for you and your family. Protect your assets while reducing your taxes!

Life Insurance for the Living - Cash Benefits for Critical and Chronic Illness PDF Print E-mail

In the old days, one had to die for their beneficiaries to collect on their life insurance. Today, modern life insurance policies pay cash benefits while the insured is alive.

Do You Need An IRA Rollover? PDF Print E-mail

If you've changed jobs, and still have money in your old employer's 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan, or Pension Plan, then you should consider setting up an IRA Rollover account.


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